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The Million $ Membership Academy™, 6-month membership consulting program, to take your passion and create a Million $ Membership, is currently closed.


What's included in The Million $ Membership Academy Program?

The Million $ Membership Academy Program is your exclusive 6-month group membership consulting program that will get you and your membership to STAND OUT online and WOW future members by creating your very own powerful Million $ Membership program.

Our next round is starting soon, and I'll be guiding a small group of qualified applicants through a unique process to select and implement your Million $ Membership program.

You'll get my proprietary process to support you in strategising your SKEPV(Strengths, Knowledge, Expertise, Passion and Values), brainstorming your Million $ Membership to complement your SKEPV, executing your Million $ Membership in a way that WOWs your ideal members and scales the impact of your Million $ Membership through social media promotion.

In our strategy sessions, I will personally answer your questions related to the membership creation process. I'll guide you through crafting your unique Million $ Membership as I have done for myself and for many other consultants, content creators and digital entrepreneurs.

During the 6-month term, I will guide you to:

  • Get Crystal Clear on Your Unique Zone of Genius - we'll work with you taking into account your strengths, knowledge, expertise, passion and values to ensure you create a Million $ Membership that ignites your passions and fits within you Zone of Genius.
  • Brainstorm your Million $ Membership - here we assess your strengths, knowledge, experience and your personal interests to finalise your Million $ Membership idea.
  • Execute your Million $ Membership - next, using our proprietary membership system, we strategise and create actionable steps to bring your Million $ Membership to life.
  • Launching your Million $ Membership - we'll work with you to map out a launch strategy that best suits your personality and your values to make sure that you WOW your followers and get your Million $ Membership off to a great start.
  • Scale your Million $ Membership - now we give your Million $ Membership that WOW factor keeps your members engaged and a steady stream of new members eagerly waiting to join.

Ready to stand out and get your Million $ Membership program started?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a membership making a million dollars before I join?

No, definitely not! This program assumes you do not have a membership program at all. It takes you through the process of developing an idea you are passionate about and converting it into a membership program. We give you the processes so that you can take your membership through the stages to grow it to a 4-Figure, 5-Figure, 6-Figure and then 7-Figure online business.

How long are the sessions?

The Million $ Membership sessions are two hours each.

How will I develop my Million $ Membership program?

Month 1: Identify your winning Million $ Membership Idea and establish your Big Picture Strategy.

In your first month in the M$M Academy program, we analyse your strengths, knowledge, experience, passions and values and identify what you should focus on - this is about doing less and achieving more without overloading your plate! You'll get crystal-clear on your strengths, your passions, and identifying where your interests lie so that you can walk away with a blueprint that will make your membership program stand out from the sea of others in your space.

Month 2: Brainstorming your Million $ Membership Program

You can't just pick a topic for your Million $ Membership because it sounds good or you think it will make you a million dollars! Your membership program MUST align with your passions, your interest and your ideal member for it to succeed. In month two, you will develop your Million $ Membership idea and your member's success path. Then we'll help you design your roadmap to implement it.

Month 3 - 4: Executing your Million $ Membership Program

This is where the rubber meets the road! You'll execute your Million $ Membership Program and build any assets that go along with it, like your membership site (using our platform), your blog, your podcast or Youtube channel, your M$M program's curriculum outline. This is also the time when we'll focus on key networking that will give you a leg up in your marketing and launch process.

Let me be clear, that this is an exclusive small group program, so each student's strategy will be custom-crafted for them. This is not about doing all the things! This is about being laser-focused on the ONE Million $ Membership program that highlights your unique knowledge, experience, passion and values and makes you the most appealing option in your chosen field. We make executing your Million $ Membership exciting and lay it out in a very simple and easy to follow path so that you actually enjoy the process of bringing your membership to life!

Month 5 - 6: Scaling your Million $ Membership

These last months are about building your legacy. This is where you create a meaningful impact and create momentum in growing your membership both in revenue levels and in numbers of members.

This is where you take what you have learned while developing your Million $ Membership and use it to grow your membership into a 6-Figure and onto a 7-Figure recurring revenue business.

By the end of the 6 month period, you'll feel:

  • Clear and Confident - about how to "stand out" as you launch and grow your Million $ Membership. You'll know that you've developed a membership program that highlights your strengths, knowledge, expertise, passions and values that puts you head and shoulders above any competition.
  • Motivated - to continue growing your Million $ Membership, as you see all the positive attention it's receiving and the impact it is making in your member's lives.
  • Certain - that you are worthy of your dream online business with growing recurring revenue.
  • Assured - that anything is possible when you follow your dreams.
  • Excited - to see what the future holds for you because you now have the skills to apply to any online project you attempt moving forwards.

Does this program cover the tech I will need to make my membership successful?

Bronwyn provides you with her proprietary combination of plugins, apps, funnels and processes to create your own Million $ Membership program during the sessions!

Can you tell me more about how the group sessions work?

The Million $ Membership Academy is Bronwyn's innovative method of membership consulting; it flourishes in a group dynamic. Students will learn from other students, share ideas, and receive support from their peers and conceivably collaborate on Million $ Memberships with other students. In addition, each student will receive personalised coaching and guidance from Bronwyn in every session.

How many students are in each session?

There are 10-15 students per sesson.

What platform is used to conduct the sessions?

We use Zoom for all of our group training sessions. When you enrol in a session you will receive the link to attend that session.

What if I can't attend the scheduled sessions live?

We offer a number of dates and times for your convenience. However, should you miss your session, we do record the sessions and they are available within 24-48 hours in the member's portal.

What kind of business or passion is this program best for?

Building a Million $ Membership program is the best way for you to stand out online and create a regular recurring revenue business by sharing your passions and gifts with the world. Whether your passions and talents lie in crafts, art lessons, business coaching, personal development coaching, fitness coaching, nutrition, health, wellness, meditation, yoga, school curriculum, toddler taming, computer programming, maths tutoring, career counselling, legal advice, guitar lessons, dog training, sports training, gardening, woodwork, copywriting, fiction writing - you name it you can create a Million $ Membership program to sell and share your knowledge and expertise!

The Million $ Membership Academy™, 6-month membership consulting program, to take your passion and create a Million $ Membership, is currently closed.


Bronwyn Coulthart
Digital Membership & Course Consultant

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